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Tre Bella Spa

Tre Bella Spa & Salon has been a part of the Auburn community for more than 10 years. I have been the owner since 2013, and adopted the original name Tre Bella from the previous owners. I feel that the name means the  Three true beauties of the self . In other words, the beauty of the physical body, the mind, and the spiritual self (or the soul), all come together as one to make up the whole human experience. Tre Bella is a sacred and safe space where every BODY is welcome. The warm and inviting atmosphere, the small town community, and the experienced professionals come together to make Tre Bella what it is today. I welcome you all to come and see this space, and to experience the services that are unique to Tre Bella. You won't find a spa like this anywhere else in the Foothill area. 


Spa Owner

Vibrational Energy Medicine

Over the past 35 years, I have been establishing my Cosmetology and Vibrational Healing career. I became owner of Tre Bella Salon and Spa in 2013, where I brought healing to a new dimension in the world of beauty. I currently specialize in Energy Work, Dream Interpretation, and Long Distance Clearing & Healing.

I've studied and completed courses in Reiki, Vibrational Medicine, Chakra Cleansing and Clearing, Crystal Stone Healing, and Young Living Essential Oils. This research and training has helped me through personal endeavors to find the joy and peace in my life. My highest goal in my career is to “Shine a Light” on my clients to help guide them through their own personal struggles and hardships. Assisting them to reveal their outer and inner beauty that is hidden from them or the world around them. I put a lot of effort in creating a sacred and safe  space for my clients, whether it be long distance work by phone or in person. I work in a gentle and caring way that, with a little time, can help my clients immensely. I work with my energetic quantum touch to help delve deeper into the issues that plague each of us, which helps us find where our true inner beauty is hidden. Layers of darkness, ranging from emotions to lower vibrational history that hold us in a stagnant life path, can be released with the work that I do. 

I strongly believe that we all have it within us to be completely happy and healthy through our own life's journey.