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Vibrational Healing

From Vibrational Healing work to Raindrop Therapy, Tre Bella offers unique and personalized sessions for every BODY.

Enjoy the private sacred space and stable reactor site as you get to a comfortable level of clothing, remove shoes, and rest on the treatment table. Each session includes Young Living’s Essential Oils, stones and crystals, sound bath, and guided meditation if needed. 

What we work on in a typical healing session varies for  each individual person and may include some of the following: 

  • Clearing dis-ease and imbalance in the body

  • Discomfort and its root cause

  • Tracing the emotional roots of the issues

  • Accelerate the body’s self-healing abilities

  • Clearing Chakras

  • Grounding hara awareness

  • Belief systems and limitations

  • Connecting to your souls missions and creativity

  • Enhancing clarity of mind and mental focus

  • Healing relationship patterns with self and others

  • Ancestral healing

  • Inner child work

  • Relieving stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Breaking the cycle of addiction

  • Changing the directions and pathways of the mind body and soul.

  • Supporting the immune system.

  • Increasing vitality.

  • Connecting with spiritual guides

  • Working with the physical, elemental, astral, imaginal, cosmic, cross realms.

  • Working with the six layers of the subtle energy body

  • Bridging the conscious and subconscious to understand personal symbolic messages..

  • Assisting the body in clearing toxins

  • Releasing trauma and childhood wounding

Vibrational Healing Pricing

Initial Session

60 Minutes


30 minute pre-consult
50 minute session
10 minute post-review

Follow-Up Appointments

75 minutes


15 minute pre-consult
50 minute session
10 minute post-review

Long Distance Appointments

75 minutes


15 minute pre-consult
50 minute session
10 minute post-review

Individual Package Pricing

  $450.00     ($525.00 value) 
Initial Session plus 3 Follow-up Appointments
4-6 week booking commitment
Subject to certain terms and conditions

Please take a look at our important forms before booking an appointment. 

Rain Drop Therapy

60 Minutes               $150.00

“Raindrop Technique originated from the research of D. Gary Young and a Lakota medicine man in the 1970s. It integrates Vita Flex and massage with essential oils to bring the body into structural and electrical alignment.” – Essential Oils Desk Reference, Special First Edition 2016 page 175